Hi, my name is Adrienne !

I always like to communicate and understand the mechanisms of interaction between people, I directed my studies in this way. Graduated with a Master Editorial Management and Internet Communication at the University of Lyon in France, I had the chance to work in exciting companies like Phone House (Carphone Warehouse), MonNuage.fr (travel) or Weekendesk in Paris, where community management missions, press relations, web writing and project management were entrusted to me.

Since July 2013 I’m working as a Social Media Managerfreelance in France and now in England. I just started the exciting adventure of expatriation.

I aspire to make new professional meetings, and to work with companies that have great challenges to achieve.

So… You need a Social Media Manager to create an online strategy, animate your presence online, a copywriter for the content of your website or your blog, or someone who is responsible for creating the e-mailing content and newsletters for your brand ?

Contact me !

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